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In all the successful companies in the world, their motivation and cohesiveness come from their corporate culture. Technology, talent, capital, and hardware are just platforms and the basic foundation. Without a successful corporate culture, good results and performances will be short-lived no matter how impressive they are. Like Rome, the soft power of corporate culture cannot be built in a day. It needs to accumulate, precipitate, and through subtle influences and transference to create a solid base.


As the pillars of the Group's operations, our corporate core values can be summed in the word VOICE - The Virtue of Openness, Integrity, Courage & Empathy – which means the group is guided by the goals of "embrace change", "have integrity", “be courageous” and “be empathetic”.


Openness, Integrity, Courage & Empathy

Courage & Empathy

Openness , Integrity ,


In the future, as we continue to steadily develop, we will also ensure the happiness of our employees and fulfil our social responsibilities. In short, in addition to material gains, it is even more essential to achieve spiritual growth. JDU staff will use these four core values to spur and inspire themselves, integrate the values into daily work and life, implement the corporate culture, and pledge to create a brighter future together.

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